Spondylosis Treatments

Spondylosis is a degenerative condition and while treatments can help you cope with any pain or symptoms you may be feeling it will not cure you of Spondylosis, it is also most successful if you are diagnosed early. What treatments work best for you will have to be something that you will need to find out through trial and error. Before starting any sort of treatment for back pain you should always consult with a doctor to prevent further injury to the back.

OTC Medications
These are over the counter medications and can be used to reduce back pain as well as decease swelling or inflammation (cosmetic dentist). Some of the more poplar forms of OTC Medicine are Advil, Aspirin, Motrin, or Aleve. If you are finding these medications hard on your stomach you can try and switch to Tylenol if you are just looking to reduce back pain. While it may also be hard on the stomach it is not as bad as the other medications listed above (see kyphosis definition).

Rx Medications
These can be used if you have severe pain that is not being controlled with over the counter pain medicines. There are many types that can be administered including pain narcotics, prescription anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, and even anti-depressants. If you and your doctor decide to use pain narcotics you should be aware that these medications are highly addictive and if you are planning to use narcotics for a long period of time it is possible that you will develop a chemical dependency on these medications.

Massage Therapy
As long as you make sure you seeing a licensed and experienced massage therapist you should obtain good results with this type of therapy. It can be very helpful at reducing back pain, increasing joint mobility, and promoting tissue healing. There are many types of massage therapy to choose from, acupressure, reflexology, or deep tissue to just name a few. If you are unsure about what would be best for your Spondylosis you can speak to your therapist and they should be able to answer your questions.

For those who suffer from joint issues hydrotherapy can be very helpful. There are many different forms of hydrotherapy, from exercising in a pool to decrease the amount of stress on the joints, to cold water baths to reduce pain and swelling. We are even starting to see programs that combine water and Yoga as a way to safely and effectively condition the body.

Core Exercises
These would be exercises that focus on the muscles of your neck, back and abdominals, if you are unsure about what types of exercises you should be doing you can speak to your doctor. They may have a pamphlet with exercises that can be done or they might refer you to a physical therapist who will then teach you the proper way to perform these exercises.